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Journaling with Your Camera -- 4 Week Interactive Class

Journaling with Your Camera -- 4 Week Interactive Class

Do you enjoy recording images with your camera? Have you ever thought of combining the visual aspect of photography with journaling? This class combines the spiritual practice of journaling with the spiritual practice of photography. Photo journaling is a wonderful avenue for listening to God.  Through prayer, our photos often reflect our internal journeys.  Participants will have an opportunity to explore different methods of photo journaling. This class is a wonderful opportunity to explore a new way of journaling or continue one you've tried before.  New ideas/thoughts for journaling will be emailed to you every other day for a total of 14 assignments.

Expect to spend a couple of hours for each assignment during the month.  The more time you devote to photography and reflection the deeper your journey will be. 

Val's Book Meditation on Both Sides of the Camera is required and can be purchased from Amazon or Upper Room Books.

Journaling with Your Camera is an interactive course.  You will receive emails with assignments every other day during the class. After every three assignments and the end of class, you will be prompted to send a review of the the past "week" to Val. She will respond to your reflections. Want to work at your own pace?  Check out the DIY version of this same course.

Here's a guide to which version to sign up for:

Version #1: New to Journaling with your Camera

Version #2: 1-2 Journaling with your Camera (1-on-1 or Be A Disciple)

Version #3: 3 Journaling with your Camera (1-on-1 or Be A Disciple)

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