Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Do you ship to my country?

Answer: We ship to all 50 US states plus US territories. 

2) Will I be notified when my item ships?

Answer: Yes. We will notify you when your order ships and include tracking info. For full shipping info. visit our shipping policy page.

3) Can I contact you if I want a different size photo than what is listed?

Answer: Yes. Please notify us if you would like a different size photo.  We will let you know if that is possible and include the corresponding price, including additional shipping costs if necessary.

4) What are photos on aluminum?

Answer: Photos on aluminum are actual photo files printed on aluminum through a dye sublimation process that infuses the dye into the surface of the aluminum. The surface is covered with a clear coat.  The finished product is a photo full of vibrant color and detail. Each piece is ready to hang and does not need to be framed. Aluminum is UV and scratch resistant, waterproof and tear-proof. Photos printed on aluminum offer archival quality that will last a long time.  A bamboo float mount is attached to the back in order to hang the photo. Printing on aluminum is a more expensive process but provides an environmentally friendly photo process that has been tested to last 3x longer than standard photos printed on paper. Please contact me if you have any more questions.

Bamboo Float mount and wall hanger:  

Back-of-aluminum-with-bamboo-hanger  Hanger-for-photo-on-aluminum

5) Are all of the photos recorded by Val?

Answer: Yes. We only sell Val's photos on this website.

6) Can I copy photos I have purchased from you to use online, print them off of this website or share them in any other way?

Answer: No. All of Val's photos are copyrighted and can not be used or reproduced without express written consent from V. Isenhower Photography

7) Can I reproduce written resources I purchase on this sight for use with groups and individuals I work with?

Answer: Maybe. Written resources can not be reproduced without expressed written permission from V. Isenhower Photography. Please contact us with a description of the event or group and its purpose for permission to reproduce the materials. 

8) I am interested in representing Val in my gallery or setting up a wholesale account to sell her cards.  What do I do?

Answer: Contact us and we will be in touch with details.