Photos to Enrich Your Life

Photography As a Spiritual Journey

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    Photos to Enrich Your Life

    Fine art photos add so much to our lives. We can experience the invitation they offer, enter into the liminal space they present to us, enjoy the color, feel the joy & freedom and rest in the moment. Photo collections include doors, scenes of the southwest, hardware, flowers, churches & ruins and hot air balloons. Purchase a photo for yourself or as a gift.

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    Photography as a Spiritual Journey

    Photography is an act of meditation, contemplation and mindfulness. The act of recording the image and using it in meditation adds to the the life of any photographer. The spiritual journey of photography is a path inward to the soul. Val offers diy and group classes as well as tools and resources to aid spiritual journeys in photography. Spirituality and photography enhance the path inward toward the soul.

    Photography as a Spiritual Journey 
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    Written Resources for Your Journey

    Written resources include Val's books and other resources such as Focus Words and Scripture passages to deepen the ways a photographer approaches the journey of discovery.

    Books & Resources