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V. Isenhower Photography

Spirituality & Photography 4 Week Interactive Class

Spirituality & Photography 4 Week Interactive Class

Do you enjoy recording images with your camera? Have you ever thought of combining photography and spirituality.  This course focuses on photography as a spiritual practice. Photography is a path to stilling the heart and soul in order to hear God and to sense the presence of God in the beauty of God’s creation.

The course focuses on how your spiritual life informs your photography as you learn to pay attention, to be patient, to center and to focus your eyes in new ways. And ways your photography can inform your spiritual life. The course is based on Val’s book Mediation on Both Sides of the Camera and supplemental materials.

Spirituality & Photography is an interactive course.  You will receive email assignments every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the four week class. Every Saturday and the end of class, you will be prompted to send a review of the the past week to Val. She will respond to your reflections. 

Expect to spend a couple of hours for each assignment during the month.  The more time you devote to photography and reflection the deeper your journey will be. 

Val's Book Meditation on Both Sides of the Camera is required and can be purchased from Amazon or Upper Room Books.

When you purchase the course you will receive a document to download which includes a "Welcome" and a "Spirituality & Photography" overview.  

Thanks for your interest.  Let us know if you have any questions.  


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