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V. Isenhower Photography

Spirituality & Photography Self-Directed Class

Spirituality & Photography Self-Directed Class

"Witness God's Beauty Through Your Camera Lens: Embark on a Christian journey that harmoniously blends the art of photography with spiritual reflection. Our 'Spirituality & Photography Self-Directed Class' offers a heartwarming Christian experience, guiding you through 19 thoughtful assignments inspired by Val's acclaimed book. See God's wondrous creations through a new perspective and let your camera become a tool of gratitude and devotion. This course is a haven for those who wish to deepen their faith while expressing it through the serene art of photography. The course is based on Val’s book Mediation on Both Sides of the Camera (Upper Room Books, 2012) and supplemental materials.

Expect to spend a couple of hours for each assignment.  You may want to read the assignment and reflect on the information one day and then go out with your camera the next day. The more time you devote to photography and reflection the deeper your journey will be. 

Val's Book Meditation on Both Sides of the Camera is required and can be purchased from Amazon or Upper Room Books.

When you purchase the course you will receive a digital download with all the assignments.  

Thanks for your interest.  Let us know if you have any questions.  


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